About Us

100% Local Zakat Distribution
0% Overhead Expenses

Our Vision

Zakat Inspired is a project for local zakat collection and distribution in New Jersey and nationwide. Individuals and institutions can relieve their zakat obligations by contributing directly to Zakat Inspired.

Zakat Inspired ensures that all funds are collected and distributed in strict accordance with the traditional Islamic laws related to this matter. Our Zakat Distribution Policy has been rigorously reviewed and ratified by our Zakat Executive Council and independent body of scholars in Islamic jurisprudence. The Policy has also been approved by several local and national scholars around the country.

Zakat Inspired also ensures that funds are distributed locally in keeping with the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad (صل الله عليه وسلام) that the poor of a community should benefit from the wealthy of that community. All too often, we have seen that zakat funds from the U.S. make their way overseas while the needy Muslims in the U.S. are left with nothing. Zakat Inspired has a strict intake and authentication process to make sure that individuals receiving zakat funds are eligible.

Zakat Inspired also aims to enforce very tight financial controls in addition to transparency and accountability. Our Policy has measures for internal and external audits and several checks and balances to ensure that zakat funds are NEVER misused.